What Are Wooden 3D Puzzle Kits?

Unlike models that are display-only, each Wooden 3D puzzle is capable of movement using rubber band or spring motors where you can see all the systems of cogs, gears and flywheels. There are no batteries or cords—these machines work all on their own!

Don't Just Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

  • Image of Linda

    My husband is a mechanical engineer, and he is absolutely THRILLED with this mechanism. He and my 5 year old have been putting this together for about 4.5hrs now - Linda

  • Image of Marylin

    We got this for our 17-year old son. We weren't sure if it would be age appropriate given he is almost an adult. We were pleasantly surprised! - Marylin

  • Image of Arthur

    I enjoyed building this. It was not difficult, and they give extra small pieces. I have cats that are fascinated by it. They have knocked it off the coffee table onto the carpet several times. - Arthur

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