Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus
Wooden Globus

Wooden Globus

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Build Your Own World of Mechanical Marvels!

This stylish Globus model of our beautiful Earth is set with decorative continents, a rotating mechanism and curious little extras that make the model that more interesting!

The main part of the set consists  of two blocks: the globe itself and its base. The base features elegantly carved gears and hides the sets main secret, the rubber band mechanism that allows the sphere to spin on its axis. Just like our other models, this mechanism needs winding up and to set it in action - simply pull the lever at the base clock wise and watch it go!

Interesting additional mechanic features of the Globus include the pendulum reduction one that slows down the spin and two extra parts: the Space Shuttle and the Sputnik. Connected to the main module via a planetary gear, these two satellites rotate around the Globus at different speeds. It adds more life to the model as well as makes watching it even more exciting, as both the Space Shuttle and the Sputnik rotate around the Earth so fast that they manage to make two rounds before the fully-wound-up rotation mechanism stops. 

This new model is a wonderful surprise and an amazing gift to anybody who loves beautiful mechanics!

Made from high-quality eco-friendly plywood and pre-cut with a precise laser and without the need for additional tools and glue. Open the box and get on building! 


  • Wood pieces: 184 pcs

  • Assembled Size: 8.3" x 7.3" x 7.3"

  • Dimensions: 14.6" x 6.7" x 1.3"

  • Estimated time of assembly: Approximately 4-8 hours

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

  • Age 14+

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