Wooden Flywheel Cyclist
Wooden Flywheel Cyclist
Wooden Flywheel Cyclist
Wooden Flywheel Cyclist
Wooden Flywheel Cyclist
Wooden Flywheel Cyclist
Wooden Flywheel Cyclist

Wooden Flywheel Cyclist

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Build Your Very Own Automation Cyclist Model!

This cool, new beautifully designed and carved model shows our appreciation of the sport of cycling and those who practice it.

When you pull the lever located at the side, the cyclist begins his enthusiastic pedalling. The mechanics behind this piece is the flywheel. The heavier the flywheel, the more energy it passes on. This model demonstrates this to all the curious minds studying mechanics, as there is a possibility to make it heavier by putting a small object (e.g. a coin) into a special slot and increasing the momentum of the rider. The step-by-step color manual is included in the set and guides you through every stage of assembling this masterpiece with your own hands!

It will most certainly be a wonderful addition to the interior of your home and a symbol of your passion!

Made from wood materials and without the need for tools, glues and chemicals. Open the box and get on building! A great way to get the family together and get your young ones off the couch!

Wood pieces: 189 pcs
Assembled Size: 9.6" x 6.9" x 4.7"
Dimensions: 15 × 9 × 2 in
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Age 14+

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    What's In The Box?

    All our model kits come with everything you need for assembly.

    ▶︎ All parts are laser pre-cut into a high-quality plywood board for easy removal and assembly.

    ▶︎ Motion is accomplished using rubber bands or metal springs, gears and gravity.

    ▶︎ Detailed color diagrams and step-by-step instructions are provided.

    ▶︎ No glue, special expertise, tools or equipment are required.

    Customer service is available 24/7, with spare parts provided and shipped free of charge.

    Benefits of Building

    Our sets make a wonderful hobby for constructors, and a thoughtful gift for just about anyone in your life. Our mechanical models and building sets come in three skill levels: EASY, MEDIUM and ADVANCED.

    Warning: our beautiful, timeless machines and mechanical puzzles can be addictive, and you may find your collection growing as you move on to more challenging builds!

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